Make your website content truly captivating with these tips

by | Mar 4, 2015 | Integrated Marketing | 0 comments

Many of Checkerboard’s clients use some sort of calendar for posting new website content. We use one ourselves, as does Media Relations. After all, a website is not stagnant like a concrete building or a metal sign. It’s a constantly changing and evolving creation that should reach out and tap customers on the shoulder to beckon them in with new information. You know this. The hard part is finding the time to make your posts compelling enough to sustain your customers’ initial curious glances.

It’s not enough to fill your website with any old content. If customers glimpse your blog, updates or news and aren’t hooked, they’ll leave your site and meander on to your competitor’s sparkling graphics in the time it takes to click a mouse.

Finding the time and mental energy to make your content truly captivating is not easy. In fact, creating enough compelling content to fill your editorial calendar can be a real and ongoing challenge. As our Checkerboard team can attest, turning your goals to reality is always hard work.

Here are two tips Checkerboard shares with our clients to help them earn their website visitors’ lasting attention:

  • Dig deep for meaningful content. Don’t settle for the first well-punctuated paragraph that pops out of your fingertips. Have a litmus test that you always apply to your writing, to keep your standards high enough. Ingrain this high bar in your company culture. Create reference documents to which your team can refer, to make your messaging consistent.
  • Post often. Frequent updates help bring more visitors to your website. When a potential customer runs a Google search, your website is more likely to come up in the results if you regularly post fresh content. The Google search engine prefers websites that are not static.

If these tips sound like competing goals, keep trying dauntlessly. Think how it will feel to watch your website traffic increase. Imagine your colleagues asking you what in the world you did to bring about this increased interest in your company and products.

If you (understandably) don’t have time to create your own compelling posts on a frequent basis, Checkerboard can provide them for you. We can supply you with relevant, engaging content that builds a relationship with your customers. We can help you design a well-planned, thorough content calendar as well, to make sure all of your company’s primary value points are being communicated. Checkerboard is an award-winning design firm that has been helping businesses thrive by improving their online presence since 1995. Call us at 952-697-5211 or complete our form so we can help make your website goals a reality.

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