How much content marketing does your business need?

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Integrated Marketing | 0 comments

Business websites rank higher organically in search engine results when each page has a lot of fresh, text-based content. That’s really frustrating if you’re intimidated by writing, or if you can’t ever seem to find large chunks of uninterrupted time. How much content do you really need to do? Is it okay to slack off? There is no exact amount that works for every business. One blog a month may be sufficient for one company while another may be best served by several blogs plus even more social media posts.  

Here are ten questions to consider

  1. How easy is it to explain your product? If your product is complex, you may want to give your audience information in smaller pieces. You may also benefit from more content if you can approach your product’s benefits from multiple angles.     
  2. Who is your primary audience? Are they generally people who carefully weigh all the information available before making a buying decision? Or are they mostly headline readers? You may not need as much content to reach impulse buyers.
  3. How do people want to receive your content? A diverse content mix contributes to higher conversion rates. Prepare something for every person’s learning style. Some people gravitate toward tips and lists. Others prefer white papers. Be sure to post all of your media coverage, because that gives your audience trusted third-party perspectives on your product. And use plenty of graphics!
  4. Can you be more efficient? You may not always need to start each piece of content from a blank screen. Blogs, for example, can be curated from presentations, white papers and pre-written articles. For posted videos of your TV media coverage, you may only need written content to reinforce your messaging. We refer to that content as a “media coverage wrapper”.   
  5. Is your content reaching its potential? A properly optimized blog can drive more people to your website. Have an expert review your blogs and social media posts. Just remember that all of your content should position you as an industry leader. It’s not just there to boost your SEO rankings.  
  6. Is your product highly specialized or in a crowded market? The more difficult it is to reach your target audience, or differentiate yourself from your competition, the more content you will need to create.
  7. When was the last time you added content? If it’s been a long while, it’s a good idea to freshen older blogs. Then ask your website property manager to identify any content gaps. You’ll want to write new blogs or cornerstone pages to fill those gaps so you’re not inadvertently giving away organic search engine results to your competition.
  8. Is your product new? You’ll want to support its introduction by giving people plenty of opportunities to learn about it.
  9. Are you prepared to jump on trending news stories? If a new study connects eating cinnamon with a longer lifespan, and your product contains cinnamon, you will want to be ready to capitalize on this news quickly.    
  10. Are you willing to hire high-quality, experienced writers? Nothing can damage a brand faster than poorly written and/or irrelevant content. Someone who knows how to write kickass content, and how to use SEO strategies intelligently, is far more likely to provide you with blogs that read well and help you accomplish your marketing goals.

How much content you need isn’t an easy question to answer. Review your marketing goals and keep this in mind: Never write just for the sake of having something new to post. Each new blog and social media post should be part of your overall marketing strategy.  

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