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If you’re like many marketers, you need to integrate social media and digital advertising with your website content. You also want to increase website traffic. But pursuing these goals can be like putting together a puzzle when the pieces can be used several different ways. You need to decide which digital marketing tools to use and how to apply them efficiently. You need a clear plan for raising awareness and driving sales. You need integrated marketing tips.

We’re offering a Free Integrated Marketing Consultation to help. In a no-obligation, 30-minute phone conference, we’ll give you personalized advice for creating an efficient marketing system. We’ll provide concrete suggestions for sending a consistent brand message via multiple promotional channels.

We’ll show you how to:

  • Define your message and keep it focused
  • Decide which social media and digital advertising tools are right for you
  • Integrate social media, digital advertising, website content and other materials
  • Use the latest tools to efficiently distribute your content
  • Take advantage of a little-known alternative to traditional advertising

We’ll also talk with you about your current approach and give you individualized suggestions for increasing website traffic.

Whether you’re an experienced marketer or a new business owner, you may be relying on your website, Facebook, trade show appearances and expensive ads to promote your products. You may be wondering how your website can appear higher in search engine results. A clear plan can alleviate confusion and help you move forward efficiently. We’ll show you how to integrate social media and digital advertising into your marketing strategy.

Our conversation will be a good use of your time. Just call 952-697-5211 and tell Becky you’d like to schedule a free Integrated Marketing Consultation. She will make an appointment that works for you, and I’ll call you then. I’ll ask you about your product and help you create a plan. As you’ll find out, I’m very enthusiastic about digital marketing strategies. Pick my brain for ideas. You may come away with a whole new perspective on how to promote your product.