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marketing automation
December 24, 2015

Two marketing automation systems keep coming up in conversation: Pardot and ClickDimensions. These powerful, useful systems can help you deliver email marketing and nurture leads. But to get the best use out of these tools, you need content to send. We can provide you with the writing you need to take full advantage of these tools.

If you have not yet encountered Pardot or ClickDimensions, here is a basic overview of what they can do.

Pardot enables you to:

  • Send well-designed email marketing
  • Set up automated campaigns
  • Build website landing pages and forms
  • Post social media content across several platforms at once
  • Nurture and evaluate leads
  • Measure your marketing return on investment
  • Combine your marketing efforts with Salesforce customer relationship management

ClickDimensions enables you to:

  • Deliver mass HTML emails and see data such as open and click rates
  • Set up automated campaigns
  • Build website landing pages and forms
  • Easily keep track of people who attend your webinars and other events
  • Examine marketing results
  • Send surveys
  • Evaluate leads and research prospects’ website behavior
  • Deliver large numbers of text messages at once
  • Research prospects on social media

These systems make it easy to send tailored communications to prospects. The challenge is creating the content. Someone still needs to write it. That’s where we can help. We have a team of writers to assist you. We partner with our sister agency, Media Relations, to provide a full range of marketing services. We can write engaging, marketing-focused letters and social media posts. We can also help you integrate your marketing automation system with the rest of your strategy. We’ll help you make the best use of these fantastic new tools.

It’s fun to explore new technology, and it’s rewarding to help businesses use it. Call me at 952-697-5211 or complete our form. I’ll ask you what systems you have and what you would like to see happen with your marketing. I’ll tell you how we can help you deliver your message.