What is SERP and is there a way to control it?

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SERP: kind of sounds like slurp, but it isn’t. Okay, so it sounds funny but let’s put some meaning behind this acronym. SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page, which is the list of results a search engine (such as Google) returns for query or a specific search term. Talk to anyone who knows anything about SEO (another fancy digital acronym meaning Search Engine Optimization), and they will tell you that appearing toward the top of the search engine page is basically the main goal of SEO tactics.

When “Googling” your brand or business, of course you’d like to have only your site or content listed on that first page, ideally at the top. Fortunately there are now plenty of opportunities to achieve not only the top-ranked listing, but multiple first-page listings. I’m sure you are getting excited about this prospect. It is important to note that this must be done organically to help rather than harm your digital brand. And yes, this does take time.

Below are a few tips to get started on improving your organic SERP rankings:

Technical SEO
  • Relevant page titles: containing keywords, keep them catchy, simple and relevant
  • Effective permalink structure: this includes the URL for all pages and posts on your site
  • Quality content & keywords: adds value, provides a solution, meaningful and easily read
  • Meta description: HTML attributes that provide concise explanations of web pages’ content
  • Images: optimize title and alternate text
  • For additional SEO tips visit our blog
  • YouTube videos are great, though embedded videos add to your site’s ranking. Use both!
  • Learn about embedding videos
Slow down a little
  • Building links to your site too quickly will result in lower ranking. It is best to build a few rich anchor text links (the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink) each month and let it grow from there.
Socialize & Backlink
  • Build backlinks (inbound links) from diverse sites
  • Create and maintain powerful profiles on high-ranking third-party sites, including:
    • Social sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and Twitter
    • Business profile or directory sites
  • Clean up your backlinks: you can monitor these on Google Webmaster Tools
  • Promote your site: post, engage and get shared!

We are excited to help you put some strategies in place and gain control of your SERP. Give us a ring or a click and we will get started.

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