What is your content marketing strategy?

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What’s working well? What are your biggest challenges? Content marketing has become complex. Not that long ago, it might have required a few hours of your attention each month. Today, content writing deserves several hours a week or more. Nearly all of our clients now request our help with creating their Media-Grade Content®. We’ve staffed up to meet this increased demand.

We offer a free 30-minute content marketing consultation. During this discussion, we review these five essential content marketing strategy topics. If you’re struggling to keep up with your company’s content marketing, evaluating your answers to these questions will help bring order to your strategy.

  1. Who is writing your content? Whether it’s you, your staff or someone outside of your business, using a consistent voice is essential. If you’re thinking of hiring outside help, be sure to read our five questions to ask a freelance writer.
  2. Do you have enough time to write and post your content? Writing media-grade, keyword-rich, engaging content usually requires blocking out large chunks of uninterrupted time.  
  3. What are you writing? Are you producing an appropriate mix of blogs, social media, pre-written articles and white papers? Your content mix will vary according to your audience demographics and your product’s position on the product lifecycle.
  4. Are you producing enough content? Could you be losing sales to your competition because your content isn’t updated as frequently as theirs?
  5. Is your content integrated with the rest of your marketing program? You should be repeating and reinforcing your top key messages at every opportunity, without pushing people away with a hard sales pitch.

We have more than 30 years of business writing experience. We’ve written content for hundreds of businesses, and we can help you improve your content marketing strategy. Our processes are simple and effective. Plus, we’re flexible. We can customize our services according to your needs.

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