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Even if you have the most useful product on the market, your website still needs the right keywords so that customers can find it in an Internet search. Choosing keywords is essential to effective search engine optimization (SEO). As a Web Property Manager, I help clients choose effective keywords so they can attract more website visitors. Here are three of my best tips for selecting keywords for your website.

1. Put keyword tools to good use.

I like to put myself in the consumer’s position and ask what search terms people might use when they want to find our client’s product. As I evaluate ideas, I look through my client’s website because each page will likely have a different focus. That’s also a good times to use a handful of tools, such as Google Analytics and Google Trends, for inspiration.  

2. Research keyword phrases and competition

I always check to see if our client’s competitors are already using the same keywords I have in mind. I like to use WooRank’s website review. Google Adwords’ keyword tool helps me develop a list of keyword variations with traffic and bid estimates.

3. Choose keywords

Choosing the final keywords is not an exact science. The best standard to keep in mind is: How relevant are the keywords to our client’s business and products or services? The right amount of specificity is important, too.

A well-researched keyword list can be used to optimize each page of our client’s website. After consulting with a client, I make a website map, assign appropriate keywords to each page, and then incorporate the keywords according to SEO best practices. I also work with our content writers to help them include trending keywords in our client’s blogs.  

Keyword research is a multistep process. It’s worth the effort. When we carefully research and choose keywords for our clients, then incorporate these keywords into their websites, our clients can attract more website visitors who need their products. We thoughtfully plan website content around keywords to give our clients a competitive edge.

There are multitudes of websites fighting for visitors’ attention. Choosing and incorporating the right keywords can help bring your company’s products and services to consumers by meeting them when and where they are looking. Industry standards and trends are always changing; we stay on top of new developments in keyword strategy so our clients can enjoy the benefits.

I would be happy to assist in choosing the right keywords for your website content. Call me at 952-697-5211 or complete our contact form. I’ll ask you some questions and schedule a meeting to get to know your organization better.

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