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Think of a store without a manager. What might happen? Shelves might get dusty, broken fixtures might stay broken, and no one would keep track of customer traffic or what changes should be made. Customers’ impressions of the store might be less than positive; they expect businesses they visit to be well-maintained. The same holds true for your website. Your website is a valuable property which needs a skilled, responsible supervisor. Checkerboard’s web property managers can manage your website. They know how to keep it running smoothly and driving business. They can keep your website up to the standards customers expect from both brick-and-mortar stores and professional business websites.

Here are a few examples of services Checkerboard’s web property managers provide:

  • Check for broken links or other glitches
  • Analyze web traffic
  • Make recommendations to drive conversions based on Google Analytics reports
  • Run website reviews such as WooRank and Yoast
  • Make recommendations to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Create and execute social media strategy to increase traffic and engagement
  • Create and execute digital advertising to drive traffic
  • Report regularly on key metrics
  • Recommend seasonal adjustments such as graphics and promotional sales

Hundreds or thousands of web visitors may visit your site each month. A Checkerboard web property manager can help you track what these visitors are doing, give visitors the experience they expect and guide them further in the sales process. If visitors don’t seem to spend much time on your site or won’t complete a certain goal, our web property managers can tell you. What’s more, our web property managers will recommend how to address website issues. They are connected to our team of in-house creative and technical talent who can make repairs or improvements as needed and approved by you. Good site managers are a worthwhile investment.

Well-run sites do more business. If business owners don’t have time to monitor day-to-day operations at their physical store, they hire a manager to watch over the property. Do the same for your website.

Please call us at (952) 697-5211 or complete our contact form. We’ll set up an initial meeting with Checkerboard President Jason Kocina and Customer Relations Specialist Becky Quesnel. In that meeting, we’ll assess your needs, explain more about our services, and give you some options for moving forward.