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March 30, 2017

What do you think of when you think graphic design? Memorable images? Sure. Vibrant colors? Check. A visual that can help tell your story as well as your other marketing materials?

You’d better believe it.

Good design is intentional and created for a purpose. It helps turn prospects into customers, and customers into advocates. It helps you stand out from our competition. Poor design not only detracts from the message you want to send, it turns prospects into strangers.

With graphics, you may have only seconds to catch a reader’s attention and convey your message. That’s why Checkerboard recommends using graphic designers who are also marketing experts.

Deliver a clear, consistent message
Graphic designers who understand marketing know that everything they create has to suit your brand and messaging. Their marketing focus helps them create clear, purposeful designs consistent with all your marketing materials.

This clear consistency enables your prospects and customers to know what they’re getting from you. They can establish a connection with you and your product. The can grow familiar and comfortable with it. That marketing-based connection is crucial to helping your customers act on the message your designs and other marketing is sending to them.

Bottom line: Marketing knowledge provides the edge needed to help your product stand out from the competition.

Designers who use marketing every day
Checkerboard’s award-winning designers are also marketing experts who listen to your needs. We can help you with a single project or a complete identity development. We make it a point to understand you, your product, its messaging and the people who want it. We’ll work with you to develop unique designs and materials which clearly deliver your message and strengthen your brand. Our designs function as well as they look, and with nearly 20 years under our belt, we know a thing or two about navigating the best practices and design trends.

We’re here to help
Let us know if you’re ready to discover exactly how marketing-minded graphic design can help tell your story and connect with your audience. Call us at (952) 697-5211, or visit us online for a free website review.