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graphic designers
June 19, 2015

Yes, your website needs to be visually appealing, but that’s just the start. Your website needs to communicate your brand and guide visitors to the next step in the sales process. Checkerboard graphic designers carefully plan websites to raise awareness and drive sales. We know you need to sell. And we want to help you do so. We have an enthusiasm for marketing that might make you wonder if you accidentally walked into a marketing classroom instead of a web design agency.

Sound marketing drives every design decision we make at Checkerboard. Our leaders are so enthusiastic about marketing strategy that I wouldn’t be surprised if they have tattoos of the words “brand” or “product lifecycle” on their arms. I may be exaggerating. Or I may not.

All this marketing discussion may be unusual for a web design agency, but it’s a good thing. Our leaders’ enthusiasm has permeated the company so much that marketing strategy is the driving force behind the websites and graphic design we create. Marketing-focused design adds value to your business and can directly impact your sales. Good design results in clear, consistent brand messaging among all of your marketing materials and across the promotional mix channels.

Design is the visual element that urges people towards an intended result. It incorporates human psychology to do so. Even though I’m a creative person, I enjoy organizing design projects. I carefully plan our clients’ websites and graphic design to encourage viewers to take the next step towards a sale.

Give us a call at (952) 697-5211 or complete our contact form. See what we mean by dedication to marketing. You’ll see that it’s not a slogan; it’s a genuine culture and practice. Find out the difference this can make for your business.