Five tips for choosing a web design agency

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If you run an Internet search for the words “web design agency”, an extensive list of companies appears. The Bulldog Reporter, a top public relations industry publication, asked Checkerboard President Jason Kocina for his advice on choosing a web design agency. Jason listed 10 questions to ask a potential web designer. He included these five tips.

  • Look for a company that uses industry standard tools. If an agency builds your website on user-friendly WordPress, you’ll be able to make many changes and updates on your own. That’s one of the reasons Checkerboard uses WordPress. Our clients can add images, change page content and post new blogs themselves.
  • Longevity is important. You don’t want to be subjected to a new organization’s learning curve. Companies that have been in business for years have developed infrastructures and strategies they can use to your advantage. Checkerboard has 20 years of experience helping businesses improve their online presence.
  • Web designers need product marketing knowledge. Jason pointed out, “A company’s website should be its marketing workhorse, operating 24/7 to educate and sell.” He explained, “Our entire staff receives ongoing marketing training.” It takes marketing knowledge to know how to turn a website into a sales funnel.
  • Your website should be part of a well-integrated marketing system. “The agency should be able to show you a plan for connecting and aligning your blogs, sales funnels, email marketing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube channels.” Because of our close relationship with Media Relations, Checkerboard can integrate media coverage into clients’ marketing plans.
  • The agency should have a menu of services to support your website once it’s live. There are strong advantages to working with a firm which can provide additional maintenance, writing, graphic design and digital marketing services. If a company can also help you obtain media coverage, you’ll also have a steady supply of positive third-party content to post.

Web design firms may look the same when you run a search, but they have varying levels of expertise and experience. Ask questions before you’re choosing a web design company. Websites are a significant investment. Make sure designers understand marketing. Ask if they create integrated marketing systems. Find out how they’ll support you as your business evolves.

Checkerboard has been in business since 1995. We treat websites as tools to drive sales. When you work with us, each aspect of your site will be designed with sound marketing in mind. And we’ll be there to support you with security updates and more content as you need it. Because we partner with Media Relations, we can even help you obtain media coverage and then repurpose these media stories throughout your Internet marketing.

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