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I ran across this excellent article by Mike Volpe at MarketingProf outlining three reasons most websites fail. I encourage you to read the entire article, but the gist is this.

Websites need to be:

  • Dynamic
  • Customer-focused
  • A resource

One statement in particular resonated with me.

The key is to not think of a website as just a website. Think of it as a media channel. An extension of your brand.

That sentiment is familiar because that is how Checkerboard positions websites for our clients. We refer to it as a “solid foundation” that you build and extend on. Your website is more than just handful of pages with info about your company and products. It’s your hub to continually communicate valuable content to your target market through site visits and, by extension, social media and email marketing. This builds trust and converts visitors into customers.

If you’re interested in how Checkerboard can do this for you, learn more about our approach to building websites. If we’re already on the same page, let’s get started.