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Your customers are smart. They may know far more about your product, and your competitor’s product, than you think. They’re actively researching your product online. They’re sharing opinions of brands on social media. This information helps them decide to buy – or not to buy – your product. Listening to your customers’ online conversations can help you better market your product, but too few companies take advantage of this critical data. They’re missing out on a goldmine of information and opportunities to boost sales.

We’re all online these days
  • We’re a digital society. Nearly 9 in 10 American adults use the internet. About 70 percent seek out reviews before making a purchase.
  • We’re social. Nearly two-thirds of American adults use social media sites. Facebook is the most popular social media, adding six new profiles every second. But don’t discount Twitter or Instagram. There are 500 million tweets sent each day and over four billion Instagram likes daily.
  • Businesses also see the benefit of social media. Ninety-one percent of retail brands use two or more social media channels. And Forbes reports that businesses are spending more of their advertising budget on social media channels than ever before. Yet many businesses aren’t seeing the impact. Why?
Too many companies do all the talking and not enough listening

Many brands’ Facebook and Twitter feeds are loaded with messages about why you should buy their products. Many consumers’ social feeds are filled with sponsored posts from companies touting their latest sales. What’s missing is the interaction. Too few companies actually engage with their customers on social media.  

Social listening gives you the information you need to create meaningful and engaging content.

Social listening gives you unparalleled market insight into your customers’ thoughts, feeling and actions. It tells you which messages are being shared and which are being ignored. It’s the catalyst for high-performing content creation which drives engagement. It also keeps you ahead of your competition.

And best of all, it provides peace of mind. When the data shows that your messages are being read and shared, you know you’re on the right marketing track.

Social media listening gives you the insights you need to reach and teach your customers … and convince them to buy from you. Get started by requesting a free consultation. I promise, you’ll be amazed by what my team uncovers. Soon you’ll know what just what to do to catch the attention of your most lucrative customers