What is your market segmentation strategy?

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Sometimes you need to speak to different groups of customers using different communications. Whether it be a traditional B2B versus B2C split or a more complex scenario, our systems are set up to allow you to easily manage content streams to different groups. How your site is configured depends on the degree of difference in your messages. Often we can simply deploy a tagging strategy–tagging each new piece of content with the segment you would like it to reach (clients or prospects for example).

A multi-segmentation strategy combined with our tool set really gives you ultimate control over your content. Imagine these configurations:
  1. Your emailing list is segmented. Tagged content is automatically delivered on a regular basis to each of your groups. Each group can have its very own email template with an individual call to action appropriate to its needs.
  2. Your site is segmented based on your strategy, separating sections by category or even user types for private access.
  3. You have separate social media feeds. For instance, you connect your B2B segment feed with LinkedIn and your B2C segment feed with Facebook.
  4. You have multiple Twitter accounts based on the audience you are trying to reach.
  5. You further segment your content by separating user groups into different websites, all of which are controlled through one central location.
  6. You have additional segmentation based on client level. As new subscribers enter your database, a series of auto-responders is triggered based on the customer’s status: subscriber, prospect, client or advocate.

I could go on and on. If you are considering building a site with us and are interested in a multi-segmented approach be sure to pay attention to the Segmentation Strategy during the planning phase. Customizations such as these are developed based on cost of time and materials. Once one content stream is developed, creating new streams takes less time depending on the level of customization each segment receives. Grouping projects can be more efficient.

The framework is built to handle multiple segments and grow with you as you further your ways to connect with your customers and prospects.


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