What in the world is Spreadia?

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The other day a client was checking their Google Alerts and came across an alert with www.Spreadia.com as the source. A newer social media platform, Spreadia is a tool that many people aren’t too familiar with yet. So, what is Spreadia exactly?

According to its website, Spreadia is “a place to discover and share what’s new about everything in the world”. Spreadia is made up of user-created pages that can be made for just about anything, including individuals, organizations, businesses, celebrities and bands. Anyone can create a Spreadia page (even you!) and there is no limit to the amount of pages you can create. Spreadia currently has more than five million of these pages.

Doing a Spreadia search is easy enough: Just type in what you’re looking for into the search bar and hit “enter”.

At first glance Spreadia looks a lot like Digg. We found a pretty decent review from PC Mag, and the folks over there have this to say:

“It features elements from the best parts of Digg (free, 3 stars), Google News, Twitter, and Wikipedia, but overlooks one important factor: streamlined simplicity. You can passively read Spreadia but to get the most of it, you have to juggle more features than most users are willing to tolerate. Still, if you’re a social media maven willing to put in the work, Spreadia may prove a useful tool.”

Spreadia allows you to vote on stories, similar to Digg and Reddit, and its “share” link lets you share content to your email, Facebook, Twitter or other Spreadia followers.

Spreadia Screenshot

Should you be using Spreadia? My answer is “Why not give it a try?” Even though it hasn’t quite caught on yet and I definitely don’t recommend giving up Google in favor of Spreadia, it doesn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with it now and be that much ahead of the curve if it does turn out to be the next big thing.

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