Twitter stream running on empty? Here is some help.

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I run several Twitter accounts pushing thousands of tweets monthly.  You might ask, how is it possible you are able to provide great content, build your followers and still have a life? Well, I run a four-prong approach to supplying content to Twitter.  Even if I do not touch Twitter on any given day, I am assured content will still be rolling through.


Trusted Sources

Every search you run on Twitter is like a TV channel that you can watch at any time, and to which you can broadcast data.  If you are not posting content you won’t be found.  To ensure a base of good content look for trusted content sources that appeal to your target market.  If you become a good resource you can start picking up followers right away.

Finding good content can be as easy as a Google or Twitter search.  When you find a good source, pull that site’s RSS feed into an online service called TwitterFeed. This program enables you to pull the link and title from the blog posts and add your own customization.  Be sure to include hash tags for which your target market or influences of your target market may search on Twitter.

Tweet - SEO Tips
TIP: Look to your vendors for good content.  We support WordPress, MailChimp, Google Analytics and many other services.  By pulling their feeds I am supplying my target market with a good resource for their marketing tool set.
Your Blog Content

Make sure the content you are producing for your blog and YouTube channel is being syndicated to your Twitter account.  Every time you post a new blog, your Twitter followers should be notified.  As your content stream develops in both quality and quantity this can start to replace your trusted sources feeds.   We often set up our clients with simple content types such as “Where we are working”.  These little tweets add value to new clients and start to build your followers with each new client you add.

Twitter Example @jason_kocina

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Cycled Content

Develop a list of pre-written tweets focused on your target market and your sales process, pointing to your best content and calls to action.  Also keep track of which tweets are getting the most action (re-tweets and replies) on your feeds.  These are perfect candidates to be re-scheduled into your feed.

Write 100 tweets. Proof them and try out a few different hash tags.  Then use the online tool HootSuite to schedule them over the next 30 days.


TIP: Check into trending terms or hash tags.  Sometimes you can tie your content into these terms to get larger exposure.

Twitter Etiquette and Interactions

This is the final content type to be add to your Twitter feed.  Much of this can be found in traditional etiquette books such as thanking people when they suggest you to their friends or for following you.  Simply responding to their questions is a big part of it.  Most of our clients choose to handle this with their cell phones so they are notified when they are mentioned, re-tweeted or they obtain new followers.

Twitter - interactions

One thing to always consider is that networking on Twitter is not too different than in the real world.  If people are referring their followers to your account, return the favor.   Here are some things I like to do:

1. When I get new followers, scan their feed and re-tweet any of their posts which my target market would like.  Also follow them if they provide good info.
2. Search for relevant terms and respond to people talking about it.
3. Follow our #FF advice
4. Seek influencers of your target market and befriend them

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