SEO + Social Blog Posting Guidelines: Selecting the Right Keywords

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This article is a continuation of our series on WordPress posting guidelines. 

No matter the algorithm, Google at its root is successful because it connects those in need of services and information with those who provide them.  I have long since dropped the notion I can “trick” Google.  Just make sure to write to those in need of your products and services, and let the optimized system and set of processes do the rest.

The golden rule of search engine optimization is to always be talking about what you do and who you serve.

Now all this talk about purity doesn’t mean we should not consider which keyword combinations are being used by those who are ready to buy.  Having a keyword strategy in place before you develop your site infrastructure and processes for adding content can really give your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts a jump start.

Do some searching to generate your starter list

I like to start by getting into the mind of our target market. I try to find our client’s company in Google.  Try this with your own company. Take note of any sites that seem to have consistently high rankings. We will use them later.  List the terms and phrases that yield the best results. Smart searchers ask specific questions related to their needs. What are those who are ready to buy most likely to search for?

You may also wish to establish a baseline for some high-traffic, longer-term efforts.  For example, a long-term goal for a tree service client of mine would be to become number one search engine result for “stump removal MN” or “tree removal in MN“.  He didn’t start there. But by focusing on combinations with less competition, such as “tree trimming Eden Prairie MN” he built up his keyword-rich content throughout his website.  He is painting the picture for Google of just what his company does and who uses his services.

Competitive analysis

Go back to your notes to see which sites keep coming up at the top of your search.   I like to take that list into Google Adwords.  Once logged in, click on “Opportunities”. Then in the middle of the page click on “Use the Keyword Tool”.  This tool helps you find an expanded list of keywords to consider.  Do a competitive search by adding sites from your list to the website field.

Google Adwords-Keyword Tool

This will generate a list of keywords describing these sites. Consider how you might also use those keyword combinations in your site’s content.

Niche out

The key to setting yourself apart in Google is to define yourself by specific keyword combinations.  We like to develop list of extenders to work in conjunction with your keyword list.  These extenders further define your keyword to a tighter group, increasing your likelihood of higher placement.   With a content program, over time your placements with the keywords alone will start to rise.  The rate at which they rise depends on the competition in your market and your commitment level.

Keyword Extenders


Document List and Processes

Document a list of keywords and extenders you wish to target.  We will discuss them again when we cover a tagging strategy.  This keyword list should be available when you are writing your posts and planning for upcoming titles.   It’s often sufficient to provide a simple Google spreadsheet to the build team and the staff that will be populating your site with content.

Next time, I will touch on Posting Frequency.  In the meantime good luck with your blogs.  Remember we are always available to assist you with your WordPress customization, design elements, writing, etc.  Call us to get started: (612) 283-4846.

[info]Own your SERP

SERP is Search Engine Results Page, your SERP is what people find when searching for you.   People are holding on to their dollars tightly and even if a prospect was referred, if he is serious about purchasing he is probably going to check you out.   Make sure you are number one, and that the other visible results are favorable and what you want your prospects to see.  The proper configuration of your site and use of social media channels will help control these placements.[/info]

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