Q: Can You Reaching Baby Boomers Through Facebook?

by | Nov 8, 2010 | At Checkerboard, Integrated Marketing, Social Media | 0 comments

A: Yes.

I met with Jason last week and he asked me to look into a question he received during his last Social Media Planning Class at our office in Burnsville. One of the business owners among the class asked how much the 55+ crowd is using social media, Facebook specifically. Well, Jason gave me his two cents and sent me off on an assignment to study the older (wiser?) bunch’s usage of these new mediums. What I found out got me thinking about the impending friend request I am bound to get from my mother soon; considering all my aunts, who are all in their 50s, are already on Facebook I know it’s just a matter of time before my mom jumps on the social media bandwagon. The research I found told me something huge, though: It’s not just me who should be worrying about what to do when my mother decides to Facebook friend me…it’s everyone. The facts show that more baby boomers than ever before are joining the Facebook community.

According to Google Ad Planner, a great free source for finding out audience sizes for different sources, there are about 30 million Facebook users aged 55+. Of these 30 million, 13 million (or about 43 percent) are active users that can be reached during any given month-long campaign. That’s impressive. Inside Facebook also states that senior Americans account for 7% of the total Facebook population.

So what should this mean for you? If you’re not utilizing social media, especially Facebook, to talk to your customers who are 55+, you should be! This demo’s social media use is growing at an incredible pace, and we can help you reach them. We have a skilled team of writers who are well-versed in writing for social media marketing and can craft posts filled with valuable content that will steer your customers towards purchasing.  We know how to keep it social to meet your audience’s needs while also keeping it commercial enough to see results.

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