Push or pull? How to make your content stick!

by | Apr 4, 2011 | At Checkerboard, Integrated Marketing, Social Media | 1 comment

Today, many marketers make the mistake of only pushing out content into cyberspace, without any effort to pull the content in other directions. Your content should be directional, meaning it should spiral out in different streams, making it available to consumers in multiple places.

Natalie and I attended a social media seminar last week presented by Michael Pranikoff of PR Newswire, and took away even more good nuggets of content wisdom.

We are in a content revolution, where content is currency. After all, it’s what drives people to your information and your product. We’re seeing brand voice beginning to shift towards social voice.  Here are a few key ideas we learned while eating croissants and listening to the presentation:

  • Create tweetable headlines that are between 65-85 characters (with spaces). Take whatever else you have left and use it as a subhead.
  • Consistent communication matters. Gaps in your social media communication allow your messages to be misconstrued and distorted; the only way to control a conversation is to keep talking!
  • If content is king, then context is the almighty. Surround your content with links to relevant content. The more relevant content linked to the piece, the better it looks to search engines.
  • Make your content shareable. The majority of consumers view their news on mobile devices, so make it easy to view and share with others.
    Infographics are great!  Ask yourself how you can create a visual that is easy for someone to understand just by looking at it. An added bonus is that search engine spiders are highly attracted to infographics.

Think about making your content directional: Leave a trail of bread crumbs for consumers to find it. Next time you blog, consider pulling your content. This will help it stick. Above all, your content should be easy to access, easy to view and easy to use!

The heart of social media marketing is creating online articles that contain brand messaging, and involve a third-party validation of your brand. (Hmmmm, sounds quite a bit like classic PR to us!) The key to making your social media efforts work, though, is dedicating the time for it. That’s where we come in! Give the Checkerboard team a call at (612) 283-4846 to discuss how we can help make your content stick. We know a thing or two about the classic PR side of social media marketing as well: our sister company, Media Relations Agency, is the number one performance-based publicity firm in the nation.

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