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If your social media campaign is off the ground and starting to gain followers, it may be time to explore the other platforms offered around the web. Although they are not often talked about, there is a range of useful and popular social media sites outside of the big three: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Give these platforms a try and see what you should be using for your brand:

This blog search engine and directory will collect, highlight and distribute online conversations. It indexes more than 100 million blogs, and gives you a fast look at what is being said and by what blog.


Organize and share your photos around the web to build brand awareness and drive traffic back to your website. Bonus: some photos are free to use in your blogs and around your site.


This free program not only allows simple storage and editing tools for your photos, but it collaborates with Picnik for extended editing capabilities.


This discovery engine finds relevant material and will recommend content to you as a user. It tailors its results to your tastes and interests by using peer recommendations. It also asks you to rate discoveries for other users. Joining and rating relevant content can encourage other users to get involved with your brand or products.


Built solely on user recommendations, Yelp uses reviews to help its users find relevant businesses and events. It can target searches based on local and geographical areas, and can help you get connected with the good (and bad) reviews of your brand or events.


This is the largest social publishing and reading site in the world. You can upload your content, videos, presentations, etc. , allowing them to be accessed by thousands of viewers.


Similar to LinkedIn, PROskore is a global professional network with one goal in mind: add value to businesses and communities. Tips, articles and tools bring people together to discuss and team up on expanding their brands.


If your company is doing any podcasts, speeches, interviews, radio shows or music, iTunes is the largest and most popular site on which to share them.


Local business owners network with local merchants to attract new customers by using social features and customizable web listings.


Small business owners and entrepreneurs use this platform to raise visibility, share ideas and build professional relationships.


Among its many outstanding social media scheduling features, TweetDeck can also be used to track your social media channels in one area.


Check out these global reach sites:




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