Nonprofit Web Rescue Contest winner’s new, engaging website takes shape

by | Jan 12, 2015 | At Checkerboard | 0 comments

Checkerboard is leveraging our team’s expertise in website design, online marketing and graphic design to create a cleaner, more easily navigable website for MicroGrants, the winner of our first-ever Nonprofit Web Rescue Contest. MicroGrants helps low-income people of potential receive strategic grants to move forward in their lives, such as through education, transportation or small business development.

Our preliminary discussions with MicroGrants yielded a steering document, outlining the nonprofit’s audience, marketing goals, primary messaging points and actions they want website visitors to take.

Checkerboard’s designers, who are also marketing professionals, are using this information to build a new website that satisfies several of MicroGrant’s specific needs. These include:

Calls to action throughout the website.

Every organization should have a goal for what they would like website visitors to do. A typical call-to-action goal may be to have visitors pick up the phone, submit a ‘contact us’ form or visit a physical location. A call to action should be clear, and it should be simple for visitors to carry out. One of MicroGrants’ goals is to encourage website visitors to make donations. So, we are positioning a donation button in several places on the new home page, and in the upper right corner of every other page. Graphic Designer Evan Hanson explained, “This makes the donate link easy to find.”
Telling MicroGrants’ story. How clients’ messages are communicated can have a huge impact on achieving their goals. MicroGrants’ grant recipients have inspiring success stories. The new website will feature interactive success stories to engage website visitors and potential donors. We are also showcasing MicroGrants’ impressive track record. The home page will display statistics, such as the percentage of grant recipients who have achieved measurable success. Evan explained, “We want to show who benefits from the donations and what a big difference these grants are making in people’s lives.”

Using fresh technology.

We stay on top of the latest developments in marketing and website tools, so our clients can benefit from them, too. MicroGrants’ site visitors will easily be able to find the organization’s media and news, so that they may stay current on recent achievements. We will also make the new website smartphone-compatible, which is an essential element for most all of today’s websites.

Evan sums up Checkerboard’s efforts: “Overall, the new website clearly tells what MicroGrants does and how they do it.” Stay tuned for the finished product!

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