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We’re glad to welcome Sam Melin back to our team, this time in a new role. Sam first joined us last fall as a digital marketing intern. He’s now a WordPress specialist apprentice. His technical skill and genuine enthusiasm for a good day’s work make him just the kind of person you want to help you with your website marketing.

So what exactly is a WordPress specialist apprentice? Sam explains, “I help with overflow on the technical side. I answer day-to-day questions from our team and clients. In addition to WordPress, sometimes I figure out things on social media sites or Google Analytics.” When clients send requests, he helps resolve issues quickly. “My job has a consultant feel.”

Sam has two very productive interests: He likes to work and he likes to get things done. He says, “I just enjoy working on things, it doesn’t really matter what.” He’s a problem solver who gets tasks accomplished. “One of my favorite things is checking off something on my list.”

When I talk with Sam about a question he’s investigating, I can see that he actively enjoys analyzing the factors involved. He digs into issues and finds out what’s happening. That’s the kind of team members we seek: People who enjoy what they do and use their interests to help clients. Sam says, “I’m really enjoying what I’m doing right now; I’m glad to be here.”

To have Sam or another team member help you with your website marketing questions, call me at 952-697-5211 or complete our form. Tell me about your needs. I’ll tell you how we can help you, and connect you with a team member who specializes in this area.

It gives me great joy to know that I’ve helped people achieve their goals. Give me a call so we can figure out a plan for you.