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Alison Cromie is a joyful and somewhat eclectic addition to Checkerboard’s team. Upbeat, positive and always smiling, Alison is one of those people who squeezes as much enjoyment as possible from every interaction.

With Alison, you learn to expect the unexpected. Although she has a degree in theater, is a former opera singer and even lives in a geodesic dome, she’s also a detailed numbers person who enjoys working with spreadsheets. “I’ve become something of an Excel nerd,” she admits.

What gets her up in the morning? “I get my energy from new ideas, new tasks and new challenges. I like to do something a little different every day,” says Alison, who possesses an abundance of natural curiosity. “My favorite part of this job is meeting our clients and learning about their businesses.”

Alison brings a fresh dynamic to Checkerboard. “I have a very out-of-the-box style,” she admits. “I come from a creative background and I tend to use that in my interactions, and how I approach tasks.”

And what does Alison think about the rest of the Checkerboard team? “I knew within a couple of days that this would be an amazing place to work. It is the right place for me to work.”

When she answers the phone with, “Thank you for calling Checkerboard. This is Alison. How may I help you?” she is truly excited to hear what the caller has to say. She’d be an asset to any business. We’re extremely glad she chose to join Checkerboard.