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Question:  You have a business, your business has a Facebook page with followers, you created a newsletter to send to those followers; however, you wonder…what is the most efficient way to get your information out ?

Answer:  Integrate your Facebook with MailChimp!

If you’ve never heard of MailChimp…here is a quick overview.  MailChimp is a DIY email newsletter service that was started in 2001.  There are no contracts – it is a free service (for lists under 2000 subscribers).  There are 3 million people & companies in 200 countries that send 5 billion emails to their subscribers about product updates, event invitations, announcements, and editorial content (just to name a few)!  It is a fairly quick and easy process to sign up for MailChimp.  Just a few steps to follow and in a short time, you can have your most up-to-date information sent out to all your followers (or, subscribers to use the MailChimp lingo)!

First – you’ll need to build your list of subscribers and create a campaign.  Here are two links to help:

Next – you’ll need to explore MailChimp’s Facebook features and integrate the ones you will use through your personal profile. You can add your list sign-up form, auto-post your campaigns, or bring in information from your page or profile to campaigns. Before you can do any of this, you’ll need to click here to set up the integration.

If you’re unsure about how to link MailChimp to Facebook for your business’ marketing campaign, allow Checkerboard to take over. We can help you with a monthly marketing program that effectively targets your audience and grows your subscriber count.

Good luck!