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Checkerboard-GAIQ Certification
November 25, 2014

You might think that Google Analytics only helps you understand how well your website is performing. That’s just a fraction of its value. As certified Google Analytics experts, we know how to use this powerful tool to drive more effective online marketing campaigns for our clients. We use it, for example, to write targeted content that draws more people into client’s websites, and to increase the number of opportunities we have to tell our client’s stories to interested audiences.

Not every agency has certified Google Analytic experts. Even fewer of those experts possess the years and depth of marketing experience that our team brings to each project. Having these certified experts on our staff enables us to:

• Increase or focus on the content that is most engaging to your audience
• Create more effective digital advertising, such as Facebook Ads and Google Adwords
• Learn how consumers navigate your website to better understand their motivations
• Target the demographics that are the most responsive to your online marketing
• Learn the type of device visitors are using so we can improve your site optimization
• Track your ROI from social media and email marketing campaigns to boost performance
• Understand which channels are funneling the most people to your site, so you can focus your energies and budgets on those most likely to deliver conversions (sales)
• Refine your SEO efforts to drive even more traffic to your site

What is Google Analytics?
Google Analytics provides detailed statistics on traffic, sources and usage. It can be used to determine what content resonates with visitors, provide additional information about those visitors, tell us how they arrived at your site and inform a variety of marketing decisions. The data from Google Analytics provides the insight needed to implement the most effective marketing.

Google Analytics certification is an industry-recognized qualification. The program involves a daunting in-depth examination that gauges understanding of the data as well as your ability to use it.

You wouldn’t want a new car that doesn’t move or chocolate cake without any flavor. Why would you want online marketing that may not be effective? We use Google Analytics to help us deliver better and more measurable results from your online marketing campaign.

Contact us to learn how Checkerboards’ certified Google Analytics and marketing experts can use our data-driven strategies to better tell your story to your customers and prospects.