Five reasons not to let your flow of good content dry up

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Your branding tells a story, but only when content is being produced and delivered to your target market.  Here are five reasons to maintain a steady flow of quality content to your target market:

1. Finding New Business: SEO

Quality original posts are better than quantity when it comes to updates on your website and its registration in the search engines. Having superb content, optimized for the search engines, is the starting point but frequency and recency of last update are factors in the search engine ranking algorithms.  It has also become practice of power Internet users to filter results by post date.

Search engines connect potential clients with your products and services, at the time when they are willing to listen and are ready to buy.

One thing to remember about investments in good content: it doesn’t end when the campaign is over.  Each new post adds to your overall page ranking and the number of keyword combinations under which you are being found. This is especially helpful if you learn to use the right keywords for your search engine optimization.

2. Keep + Grow Your Audience: Feed Your Promotional Channels

From Twitter and Facebook to Pinterest or Reddit these promotional channels only have the eyes of those tuned in.  If they aren’t on Facebook when you make your post, it can quickly get buried under multiple status updates about the big party this weekend or videos of their grandchildren saying the funniest things.  Social media isn’t like email; most people don’t feel they have to read every post.  The managers of your promotional channels need timely information to share.

We look for engagement and reach in social media channels, a quality content stream provides the fuel.

3. Control Your Brand: Social Media

It’s almost cliche’ by now, but it’s true people are talking about your brand whether you are listening or not.  Having a steady content stream reinforcing your messaging allows you to be part of the conversation (more on that in the next section).   Think of one role of social media as simply word of mouth.  The only difference is that the things people are saying are published instantly.

Make sure you are part of the conversation.

4. Spread Your Messages: PR

Traditional media and niche online outlets alike are, every day, hungry for good content.  Engagement with these outlets occurs through telephone and social media channels.  Those in PR should be connected with the topics on your site.  When it comes to stories they will share with their networks, they have unique insight into what these media outlets are seeking.

A constant flow of content gives the publicist ammo when pitching stories to influencers online and off. 

5. Give Your Staff Something to Talk About: Sales

The difference between sales and marketing is the size of the audience.  The sale ultimately happens 1-to-1.  Your content stream should assist your sales staff by addressing objections raised by prospects.  You can see how an list of testimonials indexed by service, industry or location could be a great follow up to their discussions.  Use your content stream to address common concerns and make sure your sales staff has access to it.

There is something powerful about seeing messaging that is consistent with something published, even if you are the publisher.

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