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LinkedIn’s Advanced Search feature has excellent options to narrow your networking searches to the best people and companies.

  • Search for companies based on industry to get a broader range of options.
  • The largest companies will always appear at the top of search results.
  • Narrow searches by location, size, followers and fortune, to zero in on your target audience.
  • Fortune searches will provide the most valuable companies as rated by Fortune magazine.
  • Clicking on any company will show you a list of current employees and your possible connections with them. Use these results to get introductions to the right people within each company.
  • Use the Advanced People Search option to conduct highly specific searches by name, industry, company, job title, city, country and keywords.
  • The best search results are obtained by using industry + job title + keywords.
  • Sort these results by “relationship” to see how you are connected with people and how you might get introductions to people of interest.