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Note from the author: Biking is a passion of mine and I thought that I should share my passion with you all. Throughout the duration of our blog, expect to hear more from the rest of our team on what they’re passionate about. These articles act as examples of good content that we encourage our clients to produce for their audience.  Through your content, you should attempt to make your audience excited and interested in your products or services that you’re passionate about. That’s part of Checkerboard’s whole mission: we help you share your passion with the world!


If you’re anything like me, the advent of springtime in Minnesota lifts up the spirits as the outdoors finally become habitable again.  Even though it seems that winter refuses to go without a fight, people are outside soaking up the sun on patios, jogging around the lakes, shooting hoops at the park, and one of my favorite activities, biking.  I’m going to go out and say it: everyone should bike. We should almost change our name to CheckerBike!

Reasons Why Biking is Awesome:

Biking sounds great!  How do I start?

If I’ve sold you on the world of cycling, that’s great news!  It’s pretty easy to get started but there’s a few steps to  do in order to get ready for the road.

Step 1: Get a Bike

Yeah I know this is probably the most obvious step, but there’s a lot of different options of bikes depending on how you plan on using your bike.

There are four basic categories of bikes:

  • Road Bikes – made for speed and riding on pavement.  
  • Mountain Bikes – durable frames, thick tires, perfect for riding off the beaten path.
  • Hybrid Bikes – combination of mountain and road bikes. Good for most city riding.
  • Cruisers – wide tires, wide seats, easy to maintain. When comfort is more important than action.

Protip: While you could buy a bike at a discount retailer for relatively cheap, I highly recommend spending a little extra for a higher quality bike.  The cheaper bikes are made with lower quality components that will break down more frequently than other bikes. There are plenty of great bike shops in the Minneapolis area, such as The Hub Bike Co-Op or Freewheel Bike, who care a great deal about their customers.

Step 2: Buy a Helmet (and Other Safety Gear)

I can’t stress this enough: get a helmet, and make sure you wear it when you ride.  Helmets range in price based on varying features and styles but as long as you’re wearing a helmet that fits, you have that extra layer of protection which could save your life in an accident.  Getting helmet hair is a way better outcome than what could happen without a helmet.

If you’re planning on doing any night riding at all, make sure you have headlights and reflectors to increase your visibility.  These aren’t a bad idea to have even if you’ll be only riding in the day. Being visible is one of the best ways to prevent accidents.

Step 3: Know the Rules of the Road

They aren’t difficult to learn, and most of them are common sense. Check out the resources here and watch the video below.

Step 4: Go Ride!

Now that you’ve got a bike, safety gear, and know the rules, you’re ready to get out there and ride!

I joined the bike culture recently after I purchased my bike, a majestic Redline Monocog 29er, and I must say that it’s been a really fulfilling experience so far.  I love the feeling of zipping through trails and down hills knowing that my own energy is powering the ride. Biking can be quite the adventure!


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