5 ways your website could be simplifying your life

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With a schedule like mine, how do I find time to market my business online?

8:00 – meeting with Carrie(my project coordinator)
8:30 – 15-day Site Review
9:30 – Demo for prospective customer
11:00 – Upsell Strategy for client
12:30 – 2012 Marketing Plan meeting
2:00 – Meeting with new client to review planning documents.

Etc. Etc. Etc.  Life is busy…ahhh, what a wonderful thing to be busy.  Among my busy day I managed to squeeze in writing and prepping three new blog posts, several twitter posts, a Facebook post and even an email to past clients.   How?  Because my Web site is fitted with an industry standard Web publishing engine.  The wide use of WordPress allows for a wealth of tools for integration with cell phones, social media channels and email marketing programs.

Here 5 ways your new site can simply your life. 

 1. Collect images, testimonials, notes from the field: Keeping up your online portfolio is key to generating new traffic and selling your services or products.   Remove the digital camera from the mix and learn to take good pictures with your smart phone.  These photos can be sent directly to your site media gallery.  Add a few notes from the job, then come back when you have time to polish up your post.

2. Automate – Site, Search and Social (Plus email!):  Our sites are built to your editorial calendar and the promotional channels you will be using to reach each of your market segments(ie: prospects and clients).  I am always talking about making your content work for site, search and social.  Let me walk you through the process.  You write a letter to your customers in your site.  When you hit publish the following occurs:

A. Your post added to the client portion of your Web site along side prior posts.

B. It is added to your sites search engine sitemap for Google and the other engines to pick up.

C. Posted to your Twitter, Facebook,  and Google + following

D. It is formatted as an email and delivered to your client list in MailChimp.

3. Scheduling: The key to maintaining a high quality content stream is having an editorial calendar and the ability to schedule posts ahead of time.  This allows you to schedule blocks of your time to draft the necessary content for the week or month.  As your program grows this scheduling ability gives you the ability to add an approval process should you have multiple staff adding content.

4. Leads, Comments, and Interactions: When a lead gets in you want it followed up with immediately, have your site send communications from your network to your phone.  Respond while your prospects are still engaged.

5. Control your site from anywhere:  In my house we have an iPhone and a Google Phone.  Both have tools which give you access to your analytics from anywhere.   Keeping those Key Performance Indicators in front of you at all time helps to focus your creativity.  Add MailChimp apps and can sign-up people to your list and even accept email or facebook coupons (storing details with your clients email account.)

For our customers who purchase our Core builds we include much of the documentation to help you stay organized and focused on your campaigns.

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