Your week four and five nonprofit nominees are …

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Yours truly was on vacation last week, so we’re bringing you a double header of nominations this week. The following nonprofit nominees are all very deserving of your vote, so don’t forget to check out our contest page and vote daily for the nonprofit you believe is most deserving of a web and PR package. Still don’t see your favorite? Nominate them here.

Cannon Falls Area Historical Society

CANNON FALLS AREA HISTORICAL SOCIETY AND MUSEUMBesides the obvious importance of the collecting, preserving and sharing of history, it is the little programs that struggle the most to find the money to develop the communication tools that almost any other business finds paramount. Our program’s total revenue each year is less then $10,000. The paid staff take up 60% of that. We run our operation on less than $4,000 per year. Also we are at in a new age when museums cannot count on visitors to a “building” to share and grow. The new community is much more an online community. A functional and inviting presence is the new paradigm. Also we have started growing our collection by taking videos of items in our collection and interviews with long-time residents. We know that many people will benefit by being able to view these online. The managing board has executed a strategic plan for the program encompassing goals for the next three years, the next 5 years and the next ten years. An inviting and interactive website was on the three-year list. We are in year four. Darn! WE NEED YOUR HELP!   Vote for them here./agency-news/fweb-rescue-contest/

Homes for Heroes Foundation

Homes for HeroesHomes for Heroes Foundation coordinates financial assistance and housing resources to our Nation’s Heroes such as Military personnel, Police/Peace Officers, Firefighters and First Responders who are in need.   Vote for them here.


Inmates of the Cross Ministries Inc

Inmates of the CrossThis non-profit, Inmates of the Cross Ministries is important to me because it helps rescue the lives of inmates whose lives have been completely destroyed along with those of their spouses and children. They are people without hope and everyone has given up on them. They have no one or nowhere to turn to for help, encouragement and hope. This ministry brings HOPE into the lives of inmates and their families. Their website has looked the same for the past 6 years. They do not have the funds to create a new more updated website. They are in dire need of help with their current website. It is very important for Inmates of the Cross Ministries to renew their website’s look with a newer visual communicative website for the community it serves. Your help would be greatly appreciated. God bless you.   Vote for them here.



Art Reach Red Wing MinnesotaArtReach is an amazing nonprofit located in Red Wing, Minnesota. Its mission is to provide access to the arts and the enrichment it brings. Because ArtReach is a small, local non-profit, it only has two very part-time staff members. Updating the website is low on the priority list because spending the organization’s money to pay for that OR to pay for the staff to be at outreach programs and classes is not even a debate. Staff want to be fulfilling the mission of the organization by getting people of all ages and abilities CREATING and exploring the visual arts. ArtReach keeps all classes affordable and offers scholarships when possible. They work will seniors, young children, abused women and children, at-risk youth, community groups and more. They do amazing things, but often hear that people cannot access the website to learn more. A new website that is easy to first of all connect with, and then navigate through, would really assist this amazing arts organization in reaching more supporters and helping more people connect with the arts. The majority of the times I try to access the website for ArtReach, I get an error message telling me it’s not accessible. At this current time, I cannot include a screenshot of the homepage for that very reason. HELP! Rescue!!   Vote for them here.

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