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The Checkerboard Strategic Web Development staff, together with Media Relations Agency are giving their time and talent to digitally rescue a nonprofit organization, and share its story through the media. Your favorite nonprofit organization has the chance to receive professional services including a new website and PR package! Who wouldn’t want to give a deserving nonprofit organization this gift, valued at $15,000 to $20,000? Here is your chance.

Nominate a nonprofit organization for Checkerboard’s first-ever Nonprofit Web Rescue Contest. The chosen nonprofit organization’s website will be revitalized for optimal function, design and SEO discoverability. Top that off with publicity efforts from a talented media team, and this nonprofit organization will be enveloped with attention. By helping a nonprofit organization present itself effectively, we can improve its ability to make a difference. Alert everyone you know! Cast a vote to cast a lifeline.

How does this work?

  1. Nominate: Show and tell us which nonprofit organization you think needs some help online (organizations must have held 501(c)(3) status for a minimum of one year).
  2. Vote: Cast a vote for the nonprofit organization you’d like to win via Facebook or
  3. Share: Spread the word! Get your friends and the community involved.
  4. Cheer: Judges are listening to endorsements by organizations’ staff, volunteers, board members and supporters.

When does all this happen?

  • June 1 Nominations begin
  • June 3 Voting begins
  • July 28 Voting ends
  • August 11 Selected nonprofit organization announced

Visit our website for contest details and to cast your vote!

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