Amplify your message with these social media marketing tips

by | Mar 2, 2015 | Agency News, Events | 0 comments

Social media can be like a megaphone; it carries your business’ message to a remarkably large audience. You want to use it strategically. During his recent MarketSmart Academy class, Checkerboard President Jason Kocina provided valuable tips for making your social media marketing resonate with more of your customers.

Businesspeople from throughout the Twin Cities area attended Jason’s class, entitled Crafting a Standout Social Media Strategy. His focus was on creating an engaging stream of relevant information. “You’re building a brand,” he stated. “Your brand is like a puzzle. Every Tweet, every Facebook post, is a piece of the puzzle.”

Jason’s advice for creating a more effective social media strategy included:

  • Take advantage of tools that syndicate your message on other platforms. The WordPress publishing system can send your new website content to such destinations as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MailChimp.
  • Create planning documents to provide direction for your team. These reference documents can be anchors that keep your communications on point. For example:
    • Decide on campaign directives. Define your market, what you want to tell your audience, and what you want your audience to do. Create an editorial calendar or content schedule.
    • Develop posting guidelines. Make your content count by remembering that it can be a resource for interested readers and a magnet to attract new website visitors. It is a way to communicate with prospective and current customers.
    • Rules of engagement. Determine how your organization will review and approve new content.
  • Listen. Social media is a conversation with your customers and prospects. Pay attention to what people outside of your organization are saying. This can help you come up with ideas, build relationships and form valuable content partnerships.
  • Remember that paid posts are an option, too. Paying to promote posts on social media can increase the frequency at which customers receive your messages. You can use remarketing to focus your paid ads on prospective customers who have already visited your website.
  • Schedule reviews of your website and campaigns. Figure out what kinds of content are engaging your customers’ interest. Analyze which digital ads are drawing visitors to your website. If you would like some assistance doing this analysis, Checkerboard’s Website Property Management service is ready to help.

Even with all of its technical tools, social media marketing strategy still boils down to building relationships and helping people. “Think about your sales staff,” Jason advised. “What materials would they like to have in hand to help them as they work with your customers? And think about how your posts can help your customers.”

To learn additional practical tips for connecting with your audience, sign up for MarketSmart Academy’s next class, Let’s Talk Twitter. This free event will take place on March 26 in Burnsville. Call 952-697-5218 or register online to reserve your place.


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